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[poem title=”TRAVELER AND THE BAT”]

This is a poem entitled the Traveler and the Bat.

It is a segment from the Fools Fairy-Tale,
in which the young prince, on his vision quest,
has his chariot upturned by a rock in the road,
and is tumbled into the gnarly lap of an old oak tree.
When he awakens this is what he hears
and what he becomes a part of.

Slippery, slimy, hairy, thing
You with bat-like eyes and wings
I’ll make you dance, I’ll make you sing
And no more trouble to the world you’ll bring

Leaping lizards and hopping gnomes.

Are soon to feast upon your bones

but first they’ll smash your head with stones

and dance to the tune of your pleading moans

The traveler awoke in the thicket,

the strange sight that he saw made his heart quicken

There down­-troding on the wilderness road

was a small bat creature being dragged by a toad

An awesome looking giant was taking up the rear

taunting the winged creature with jabs from his spear.

Loathsome rodent which flies in the night

using beeps and screeches for your sight.

\You’ll screech and moan with all your might

when daymen torch you with their light; harrumph!

Quickly the traveler from tree to tree did follow.

as the beastly crew penetrated the woodland thick

then descended down a hidden tree hollow

There deep down into the blackness quick

where the air did foul and make one sick

Coming at last to a dim lit room

which reeked of sordid, stale thoughts of gloom.

And as the traveler’s steps abated

a stone did loose itself from lodging

and bounced off the giant’s head which was

too slow in dodging

The giant dazed, did fixate his gaze

then he clambered to his feet

The traveler’s fate to leave to late

thought not about his retreat.
But drawing his sword he took a leap
and cut the giant’s chest heart-deep.

Then to the hoary toad he sped

and with one swipe, took its head

Then turned the traveler to the bat

where low and behold no bat sat.

But there in its place a shining face

a child, and he no earthly brat.

My dear traveler I give thee thanks

you’ve saved me from these fiendish pranks

if you could but relate your need

I must repay this noble deed

All right then bat-child I will say

that from my own path I did stray

If you could but show me on my way

I must soon be where Winterman does stay

All right then Traveler I shall be your guide

for ‘tis in these dark old corridors that my eyes are open wide

But faith it takes to blindly follow

for in these depths, death watches each step

and the air gets thicks to swallow

So thought the traveler, one second at best,

for each moments delay could cost him his quest

Let’s be gone then he spoke

for there no time to rest

and this journey into darkness shall surely be my test

For courage without faith is no real strength

‘tis a part of the chain

but only a link


By Jim Rick


God’s Release
Within these walls the souls are bought and sold
as penance passes by on silver plates
To sanctify a guilt with bits of gold
which pays for pearl and inlaid golden gates ..
As sunlight filters through stained colored glass
upon bowed heads whose eyes shall never see
Without the aid of time that’s corne to pass,
without the aid of death to set them free ..
And where within this banal illusion lies
when antiquated lies have been removed
A strength which renders justice to men’s cries
a salve with which the souls of men are soothed.
This shallow shroud is soon to fall and cease
Man’s spurious child once shattered
God’s release


How High do Dragons Fly

How much winters wood’s worth saving
selling in warm summers days?
Will away the long winds rifle
then meet the old man gaze to gaze!
How high do dragons fly?
search me. I’ve never tried to measure.
I have spent my days in dreaming
and my dreaming days in leisure.
Then what’s the price of shore worth buying
when from sailing seas your feet are sore?
Steadfast, stem, fast the rainless season
or hoard and bar the storage door!
How high do dragons fly?
only fools would seek to measure.
There is no wind-lock on my sail
nor have I chest to throng a treasure!
But who’s companion? Who is foe for certain;
while in the whirls of the wheel of fate?
Break the bonds which bind the question
the enemy’s both sides the gate!
How high do dragons fly
you say what harms the question!
Prefixed as it is, without an answer
is just plain foul intention.

Loves Ferris Wheel

There’s a certain spirit in a day like this
Reminds me of true love’s first kiss
That awakened like in a ferry tale come true
The beauty which was sleeping in you

And as daylight glances off your cheek
Love holds my tongue and I can not speak
And the halo which surrounds you crown
Is the spirits accent to your gown

So around and around in Loves Ferris Wheel
Sharing together the way that we feel
Spinning in a spiral, we’re never coming down
True loves first love is what we found


Living in Paradise